don't limit yourself or let the world limit you.

Clothing that you can wear as and daily reminder that
there is no limit and everything is possible

eco friendly and recycled clothing

hey there...

This is me, a girl with big dreams and the desire to make the world a slightly better place.
I believe that life can be the best it can be when we overcome our limits and strech our comfort zone. I try to push myself out of there as often as possible, so I am overcoming one of my biggest fears right now. Starting this company with only 19 years old. The journey just began and I hope we can take it togehter.

the products

organic and recycled matrials

plasitc free packaging

screen printing

reduced carbon

fair wages

We are trying to live up to the highest possible environmental,
social and ethical standards.

now go out and create your story.

aprecety Laura Knörle | All rights reserved 2019